We’ve done it! 213 HP naturally aspirated 2L MX5


While a great part of the MX5 tuning world has moved on to the 2.5 L , we have always loved the reviness of the more square 2L engine;  like the Mazda MX5 designers we know that an engine that revs is always a great choice for a sports car.

With that principle in mind we have joined forces with Irish Mike in Orlando FL USA to produce MX5 Nirvana

[B] 213 HP [/B] Naturally Aspirated MX5 that revs to 8500 RPM with torque everywhere (More conventional Dynos soon will be up soon)

This project has been on the works for some time now, and more details will be forth coming in later weeks.  All credit to Irish Mike for building a jule of an engine that made it all possible. We will be offering this as a package very soon.

  • The engine was built in house by Irish Mike himself
  • For header we pick up a 2′ M-E header to deal with the greater flow.
  • The block is a 2.L
  • 2.5 head with special treatment.
  • A set of Mike’s own “Nirvana” cams.
  • And of course the world’s best MX5 calibration that will come in 2 versions street and Racing t be used via OEM ECU

The car is Irish Mikes #118.
Driver:  Conor Flynn.
This race car will be competing against big and fast cars at the finals in Daytona STL class September 21, 2015 to September 28, 2015
We wish the team winning success and we will be at track-side proving support