Tuning Done Right, LLC and all employees, subcontractors and consultants.
Owner Owner of vehicle, items and/or services ordered, purchased and/or installed – both as individuals or as an entity in which case, all employees, subcontractors and consultants. Owner is the end user, either permanent or temporary, irrespective of whether original purchaser or  not.
Re-seller Owner or third party vender re-selling or otherwise transferring ownership of Items originally purchased and/or installed byTuningdoneright
Item Full systems or parts thereof, standalone parts, equipment (mechanical and electrical) and services including, but not limited to, tunes, installations and analysis of existing tunes.
Original Vender Manufacture or third party vender of full systems or parts thereof, standalone parts, equipment (mechanical and electrical) and services including, but not limited to, installation NOT original to, or produced by Tuningdoneright.


All Items manufactured by Tuningdoneright are warranted for workmanship and function for one (1) year from date of purchase.

All Items installed by Owner or a shop NOT recommended or otherwise certified by Tuningdoneright voids all claims against any Items damaged as a result of faulty installation.

Owner forfeits all warranties for all Items damaged as a result of improper operation, neglect or otherwise unintended use of Items.

Tuningdoneright reserves the right to inspect all Items claimed for warranty services and shall be the sole responsible party for determining if such Items have a valid warranty claim.

Owner bares all responsibilities for shop services, shipping and all other expenses for all warranty considerations

Tuningdoneright does not extend or otherwise service any warranties that may be voided or otherwise effected by the installation and operation of all Item(s) purchased from and/or installed by Tuningdoneright.  Owner acknowledges and accepts that, by installing and operating Item(s) purchased from and/or installed byTuningdoneright, OEM warranties may be voided nor honoured by OEM dealers and warranty service providers.


All Items purchased through Tuningdoneright but manufactured, sold or otherwise sourced from a third party vender carry NO warranty through Tuningdoneright – warranties shall be offered and serviced through Item manufacturer and/or third party vender. Tuningdoneright shall provide contact information to Owner upon request.

Owner to informTuningdoneright within twenty (20) calendar days of all missing items per shipment or per box if multiple boxes received.  Any Item not claimed as missing after the twenty days will be considered received by Owner.

All Turbo Kit Sales are final.

Turbo kits delivery times are from 30 to 60 Days from order date. We strive and usually ship within 30 days; however  the purchaser understands that  delays are possible.

All other items require previous return authorization. Items returned shall be subject to a re-stocking fee to 25% + any fee(s) required by Original Vender(s).

By purchasing, installing or otherwise operating any Item(s) purchased from and/or installed by Tuningdoneright Owner agrees to holdTuningdoneright harmless for all damages to vehicle, property or person directly or indirectly caused by said Item(s).

Tuningdoneright does not pay, reimburse or otherwise make whole Owner for expenses including, but not limited to, towing, repairs and additional parts or services as a result of Item(s) purchased from and/or installed by Tuningdoneright.

Tuningdoneright does not make any guarantees that Item(s) purchased from and/or installed by Tuningdoneright are or will pass smog test, have or receive a C.A.R.B Executive Order Number, nor be approved for road use in any municipality, state or country.  Owner purchases and/or installs Items at Owner’s risk.  All Items returned are subject to re-stocking fees as identified here-in.

Re-seller agrees to assume all responsibilities for Owner’s knowledge of all applicable warranties and all TERMS OF SALES

Owner agrees that ALL tunes and assessments of logs of tunes, either original to Tuningdoneright or of a competitor, are Tuningdoneright’s intellectual property and subject to copy right laws ass applicable.  Furthermore, Owner agrees not to share or otherwise communicate any of Tuningdoneright’s intellectual property without express written consent from an officer of Tuningdoneright