FORCE2 Turbo System Reviews

FORCE2 Turbo Kit Review!

I was the lucky soul that was picked for to be the test car for the FORCE2 Turbo Kit.I want to start by saying that Jay HAS NO CLUE ABOUT WHAT HE IS DOING!

To give cars to the general public that look this good and put out this much power IS CRAZY!

For real though. Jay and I did some fine tuning of the car when I picked it up at 2:00 a.m. this morning and the car got faster and faster. There is no knock, a safe amount of fuel, and the car pulls hard. On the way home I detoured through mexico and while I was on the highway there cruising at 80mph I needed to pass some slower moving traffic. I simply left it in 5th and floored it and shot from 80-100mph like it was nothing. I remember cruising in mexico when the car was stock it seemed to fall on it’s face above 80 in 3rd. The lack of power and bad aerodynamics of a convertible made it so hard and long for the car to pull through the end of 3rd and start of 4th to 100, It felt like an eternity. Now that the car has pretty much double the stock power rating (166 for an 08 and now it has 330, just 2 shy of double) it is a breeze. Just cruising along the car is smooth as silk just like before the turbo. The driving dynamics are great. I can put put around and cruise like I normally do and then crack the throttle whenever I please and get a rush of power.

If anyone has any questions feel free to post.







One of the hardest things I’ve found when modding cars in the past is finding people that you can trust to do the job the right way and stand by their work. I previously had a 98 Pontiac Trans Am with a twin turbo kit. I remember all of the hassle it was getting that car from NA to turbo and switching installers and tuners and it was a huge pain in the butt. I must say that because of those not so good memories I was very apprehensive about doing this to my car. I originally just wanted to do a 2.5 swap and stay NA and be done with it. However, after hearing so many people on the forum with cosworth supercharged cars, begi turbo cars, and NA cars post about the tuning and customer service from Jay, I felt very confident about using Tuning Done Right and trusting Jay with my car. Soon instead of thinking about the hassles of my old car I was thinking about how awesome it was with 680RWHP and 720RWTQ! I was confident Jay would install and tune everything properly and that if I had an issue with anything he would stand by his work and take care of it. I can honestly say that I was 100% correct. From the install, which is flawless, to the tune, which is safe and powerful. Jay has always been straight up with me and honest. Just the other day he called to ask how the car was and we talked for 40 minutes on the phone and I told him how the car was running great and how I couldn’t more pleased with the experience. Long story short. I am very happy with the car and Tuning Done Right  as a whole and I love having another turbo car. Turbos freaking rock! I just wanted to publicly thank Jay again for all of his hard work. I can’t wait to see pigtails car when Jay is done with it.

Thank You Jay,
Christopher Meier