Our Ultimate Natural Aspirated Tunes and Hardware

Our calibration alone will gain your car 13 to 20 HP depending on fuel, but what if you want more?

With so many aftermarket options for the naturally aspirated MX5 anyone can go crazy trying to figure out what combination to use and how to spent their money wisely.

For a while we at TuningDoneRight have notice that despite the many fine products on the market for the MX5, there has been a lack of bringing it all together to optimize performance; for example, you could get nice set of headers or a CAI but miss out on their full potential because the tune was lacking, or you could get a tune but it may not have been specifically calibrated for the specific headers or CAI.

Not any more!  

Get a package and be assure you are getting the perfect synergy of performance. No more guessing! 
After a considerable time in R&D TuningDoneRight has come up with the perfect solution to ensure that you get the most power out of your setup.

For any Tuning to be performed in your car you will need an  EcuTek Programming Kit and datalogger We recommend adding one to your order, as it will allow you to data-log your car and receive future free up-dates to your tune.



If you are just getting started and want a combination of tune + hardware chose one of 3 packages


  1. Tune   Includes lifetime updates                                                  $495                
  2. Tune + Header*(includes short extension cord)                $993 *Your choice of header:  GW roadster sport or Racing beat
  3. Optional Cable Data-logger*                                                             $315.*Don’t want to buy one?  no problem, we will lend you one for free (deposit required)

So no mater which set up you have, you’ll know it is been developed to work in complete synergy to provide you with the ultimate performance for your MX5.



Following are the specifics gains you can expect.

keep in mind what we have repeated often: Dyno numbers do not tell the complete story of how the car drives, and that is the other area where TuningDoneRight has no equal.

Note 3: All of our tunes come with a 100% money back guaranty. If you are not 100% satisfied with our calibration we will refund you the cost of the tune minus the Ecutek Licence fee of  $350 which means you will then be able to  flash your car with any other Ecutek calibration. This guaranty is unequal in the industry.



Base line numbers on our completely stock MX5

HP 130.9
Torque 115.72






 After our calibration

HP 143.05 … (base 130.97)… 9.22% increase    13 hp gain

Torque 121.00 …(base 115.72)… a  4% increase 6 lb/ft  torque gain






After our Calibration with Headers GW roadster sport or Racing beat  $993

HP 150.18 (base 130.97)… 14.67% Increase             20 HP Gain
Torque 126.19 …(base 115.72)..9% Increase        11 lb/ft Torque gain




To get started just click here,  answer a few questions and learn how remote tuning works. You can have your care tuned in just a few days, or gives us a call  954 673 5721




E85 Calibrations


We now offer E85 calibrations to be used with the OEM equipment at no additional cost.

Be aware that at this point the effects of E85 on the cars fuel system are unknown, therefore we provide you this calibration to be used by you at your own risk.

We do not recommend it if you seldom drive your car,  or let it sit for days at the time. For wintering and storage we recommend you switch to petrol fuel.

We are looking forward to Ecutek Racerooms to include flex-fuel kits.

Here is a link to information provided by Injector Dynamic. Sure they won’t mind if you buy their injectors which by the way are probably the best in the world.