Force2 Turbo RHD & LHD


Force 2 Review by Blink Motorsport England

We ship to Europe! see our European package below


 This turbo will make from 215 to 310 wheel HP  depending on boost and exhaust.

Our Kits come with everything you need for  self installation.  Made with top quality components this setup will provide you with reliable power for your LHD or RHD MX5.

All our kits keep the battery up front!

Force2 Turbo Kit

Stainless Steel Turbo Manifold and Downpipe. Lifetime Warranty
All V-Band Connections
Polished or powder coated Intercooler Piping
4 Ply Silicone Hoses
All vacuum lines are hard nylon with quick connects
High Density Bar/Plate Intercooler
Stainless Clamps
Turbo Blanket
Plug and Play 3 bar MAP sensor
Tuning Package Needed. 
Ecutek Programmer and License                         $830
1000 Dynamic Injectors                                            $485
Tuning Done Right FI Calibration                       $ 495
                                                                                            $ 7655
This Kit is made for easy installation which includes full instruction videos, manuals and 24/7 support. We also offer installation throughout the country $1100
Professionals installation and service also available in Mexico city.
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Prices subject to change.

  • Shipping anywhere in the USA  $125
  • Terms and Conditions Here
  • Payment in full due with order
  • If you order from California or another planet where exhaling is illegal or taxed then read the following:  This kit is intended for off road use only… 


European package available call to inquire   011 1 954 673 5721



Force2 Dyno at 281 HP with stock exhaust!

Boost at only 2000 RPM!   Absolutely NO LAG!*

*”All cars, even naturally aspirated, will exhibit what some may call lag…” The lawyer called and made me write this.

Disclaimer: Not in any way associated with Track Dog Racing.