RFT Manual

Tools need



Lift the car and remove muffler



Inside trunk. Remove plastic liner covering the OEM Jack, them from the bottom of the car drill 4 holes and attach pump ( a second hand here is useful)





Extend pump wires with provided material, cover with the provided wire protector and carry the wires to the fuse box. (use zip ties and follow the brake line from the closest wheel to the engine bay)
In the engine bay use the provided fuse adapter. ( Use the wiper fuse)


Attach the ground here




Mount your already assemble and properly clock turbo on the OEM rubber exhaust hangers. Attach to mid-pipe using OEM ring gasket. (if you do not have an OEM midpipe use the provided vibrant gasket)

Check list before you mount

  • Oil line attached?
  • Turbo properly clocked?
  • Compressor housing tab and fitting attached?
  • Waste gate actuator secured with c-clip?

Once hanged, attach the turbo drain flange, dont forget the gasket

The tube is National Pipe Thread Taper (NPT) therefore use Teflon tape on both sides IMG_6884

Next, attach the collector box.



Next Attach the line from the oil cooler to the oil pump (used the 2 AN adapters to convert the -10 to the hoses -4)

Next, open the ignition to run the pump. Add oil until you see oil coming out of the fitting in the back of the oil collectors box, the quickly turn the ignition off to stop the pump.



Next attach the oil cooler to the back of the collectors box. ( you will lose a small amount of oil  while the horizontal attachment of the oil cooler takes place, this is OK.)



Run the pump and make  sure that all fittings are tight, and there are no leaks.

Attach the short muffler via V-band.


Remove the following (consult manual)

  • Front bumper
  • Air filter box
  • Intake sound enhancer (if equipped)


Install intercooler on the existent chassis holes with the provided spacer. The on the passenger site uses no bracket just use bolt with spacer.


Remove the intake tube and cut a hole on the plastic divider as shown






The pipes come number 1 to 9

pipe 2 is replaced with intercooler when order.

Pipe 1  the intake. transplant MAF sensor from OEM Box.

Cut 2 slits on the plastic panel where shown

IMG_6858Attach pipe #3 here with clamp


Then attach pipe #4 and #5 together and