Rear Force Turbo



When we set off to develop the RFT our goals were clear:

  • Produce 200 WHP
  • Reliability
  • Hassle free, easy to install, out of the box with only one calibration needed
  • Top of the line components
  • Affordable

We are happy to Introduce starting at  RFT $3892

The RFT comes with everything you need.

updated cost


It is my hope that everyone out there who shares the passion for these fantastic machines will now bring their dreams full circle ! Your MX5 from 132 to 200 WHP in less than 3 hours and for a price not even worth mentioning.

We did it because you asked, enjoy, live, drive.


To order Call  954 673 5721

We ship world wide.


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The kit comes with a single tip exhaust. Here is the Dual Muffler option $395