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Disclaimer: Not in anyway associated with Track Dog Racing.

What can TuningDoneRight do for you?

We at TuningDoneRight  share your passion for driving and for  sports-cars  such as the MX5.   Whether you have a bone stock Miata or a heavily modify roadster, we can transform your car into  an absolute driving joy!


We do this by recalibrating the car’s computer to safely deliver more power and more torque.  But the real change is in the character of the car; our calibration  will transform this nice mild roadster into a fire breathing super-caffeinated sports car.  You will enjoy a crisp throttle response, blistering acceleration and lean deep exhaust note from the calibration alone!


For those who want more, we offer 2 top of the line turbo systems that we can configure in many ways to develop the power you know you need.  We can arrange for the installation of any of these systems, or if you are so inclined you can do it yourself.


For the ultimate visionary, we have made your dreams come true; a 400HP 2 seat convertible weighing  just over 2500 lbs,  that will put any exotic car to shame.


Let us pick up for you an earlier model to use as a platform and transform it into the  “Ultimate Sports Car of our time” then we will hand you the keys to your dream; a roadster with a  brand new turbo build engine, a custom suspension and a if you wish a completely redone interior,  all for less than you will pay for a brand new MX5 or a boring sedan.


Explore our site,  read some of the many satisfied customers reviews, or just give us a call.
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