Forced Induction Tuning

If you have or plan to add force induction to you MX5,  you need to know that the engine management is the MOST important part of your modification.

To successfully and safely recalibrate your ECU for boost, the tuner MUST have a clear understanding of Mazda’s OEM fueling management protocols. Unfortunately, a clear understanding is not something that is easily found in the  tuning community.  But we have it.

I have written extensively on this subject:

THE DYNAMIC FUELING SYSTEM OF THE NC MX5. For the many years I have periodically written about this phenomenon. There is more to dynamic fueling than most people think! This phenomenon although inconsequential for the (OEM calibrated) naturally aspirated engine, proves to be of fundamental importance in the safe and consistent management of force induction.  Read more…

Our costumers testimonials we believe speak best. 


Well, my car has never felt better.

I’ve had 8yrs of NC forced induction, for 6 of those years I’ve been staring at an obd2 reader watching for Knock Retard. I’ve gotten good at feeling the KR before I see the display tell me there is KR. I’ve never had another tune that was as free of KR while also being the most ‘eager’ tune I’ve ever had. It’s like that little dog that jumps around saying ‘spike, are we gonna play, are we gonna play’, whereas some of my other tunes were like grumpy ‘ol Spike who will play, but he won’t be happy about it.

We’ll done Jay, and thank you for your diligence in understanding this ECU.

Adam D ’06 BEGi turbo, Ohlins Race 13/9kg

Tuner update: As I posted earlier either in this thread or another KW thread, I just knew my kit was not producing nearly the power it should have with the 75mm pulley. It strained to get to redline, felt overall rough, and was knocking pretty good. I mentioned this to my original tuner and sent data logs of the knock. He took a week or longer to respond and with the knock still not under control. He mentioned that timing had to be lowered quite a bit more than other cars with the KW kit to keep it from knocking and said that the knocking was occurring either because of carbon build up or mileage or simply manufacturing variances between cars.

At that point, I felt I was getting brushed off and realized I was not going to get much better customer service from that tuner. And so after more than a year of lengthy response times, questions not being fully answered or answered at all, the car not running at its highest potential, still knocking badly, and not being treated like an appreciated paying customer, I switched to Jay at TDR. I’ve read so many stories of members here having Jay calibrate their car and wishing they had done it so much sooner and I must say I really wish I did too. He made an offer to help me with the issues that I’ve been having but I was initially reluctant only because I really didn’t want to pay even more for a tune that I already paid for with the KW S/C kit. However I finally realized that it was definitely worth it over the possibility of replacing an entire engine because of an unsafe tune.

Right from the first phone call, Jay has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He told me exactly what he was going to do and exactly what he needed me to do. He has already spent about 5 continual hours over a couple nights the past week calibrating my car until 1 and 2 in the morning! He is almost always a call away and he has always treated me like a priority by explaining things very clearly, answering all my questions, and showing me exactly what he is doing. Most importantly though, my car actually feels like it has the advertised power that it’s supposed to be putting down! Jay removed all the knock, actually added a couple degrees more timing, and it just feels so smooth and effortless to get up to speed. The rear tires actually break loose in second and third now! That never happened before.

Overall I highly recommend Jay to anyone who has FI and really does want it Done Right while being treated like a valued customer. He is still in the process of working with me by fixing the vacuum leak inherent in the KW design and upgrading to larger injectors (duty cycle is over 80% at the top end) and can’t wait to see what more he can get out of this kit. Again, my biggest regret is not reaching out to Jay sooner… 13th January 2016,





Originally Posted by Nathansmith View Post

Wow! This thread is so important to understand.

For the last year and a half, I’ve struggled to figure the “phantom knock” so to speak.
Utilizing two different tuners, I’ll not name either to be neutral and just beneficial, swapping between tunes and having to log an excruciating amount, making modifications to intake components and what not to try and stabilize my car. The mystery seemed impossible to solve One tune would work well, and then after any tweak the car would act completely different with the next update, and this was frustrating for both myself and the tuner. What is certain is that my setup was different than most, utilizing for awhile a 2.6″ pullley with the Cosworth blower, with all other bells and whistles to support the high boost with it. The biggest struggle was the varying elevation where I lived in El Paso, with everything from the high desert to mountain passes that definitely stressed the dynamic capability to control the knock with the thinner, dry air. Sometimes the car would pull well, other times, I just had a sense something was not right. Being told a little knock was normal for the longest time, I started to doubt this, as the performance of my car seemed to drastically reduce. I mean to be fair, I was hitting almost 6 or 7 points of knock retard at certain rpms in WOT, and after showing this to Jay, I was worried my engine was already on the path of no return.

This all occurred in the summer this past year. As it seems now, I can say Jay is very competent and had my knock under control rather quickly, but I have a feeling I’m going to need to check the blower for possible issues, because unfortunately the car was running in less than ideal conditions for awhile. So please everyone in a similar predicament as I was, definitely check your logs as stated throughout this thread, because some things might pop out that don’t seem right, or stable.

I have sincere appreciation for this community and those that suffer from trial and error, as I have as well, and those that innovate for the betterment of the NC Miata. So thanks all, and happy modding, and have a great Christmas!

Nathan, I know how much money you paid for your engine and how you love that car, so i understand your concern. At this point I say, don’t worry just enjoy your car most likely is just fine. Thank you for your post.
The difference between you and most who eventually lose their engines is that you monitor and understand your car, The frustrating “mistery” you and your tuner encounter is the fuel switch, that explains the reason the car appears to change from drive to drive or from similar tune to similar tune.Once you call me, it took a couple flashes to neutralize the fuel switch and since that last log I have not hear from you, let me guess car remains PERFECT at any altitude any weather any where.




Kraftwerks Dyno Results.

Ok, This small review is in no means to discredit any of the tuners or anyone period. but for the benefit of those who spent so much money on their cars, we deserve more than just comparisons and reviews!

Fist i would like to say that i purchased this kit from Mike @ Moto-east and since i got the kit from there i also got my tune from there as well, Mike worked with me and he was very good, kind, and answered most of my questions. we had some obstacles with the kit no doubt, installation issues mostly. again mike was great but the only thing i wasn’t comfortable with was the fact i did not see much passion and or enough effort put in my car as i was expecting. we are only pushing 7-9PSI we want the most out of it. i felt the car was running a little on the rich side. i believe we can do better but Mike seemed busy most of the time,can’t blame him, he is all over the forums doing so many other cars, i gave up on emailing mike and told him i will probably take it to the dyno and he will remotely tune the car, which he agreed of course, but i already felt worn out and down a little, i know that mike can do way better than that,I guess we have our days. so i decided to go to Jay at TDR, now i tuned my car in the past by jay (NA) before i had the KWSC, and i was happy with the results, Jay is another whole kind of guy! i got to know him personally, we just got off the phone face time each other, he calls me constantly, spends hours working and tuning the car. i mean hours, i noticed he is a very determined person, very passionate about what he does, any day of the week he calls we even worked on Sundays with no problem. bottom line is! going to TDR is something i won’t regret and that is how i feel a tuner should work with his client! i spent thousands on this car so i expect a little more than just a tune! and jay will come visit us soon anyways, i like the fact that he is more connected to his clients!

Now the results:-
Jay’s run: 200.13HP 163.51Torque (we ran 3rd gear pulls, but 4Th gear pulls gave us better results )
Mike’s Run; 186.87HP 158.43Torque 9we also ran 3rd and 4th gear pulls )
i have to say i was excepting more HP from this kit, But several things to take into consideration,
-The owner of the shop himself said that his Dyno is not that accurate, he also said my numbers are a little higher but he uses this dyno just for comparison purposes.
-It is an Automatic lol
-i ran several runs using jay’s tune first and then i switched back to mike’s tune and ran it several times
-i had better results with jay’s tune of course, ( i know mike can match it but oh well )
-i don’t know if the humidity and heat of today can take effect of course.( the balls sweat south! )
-Below is a small video footage i did, but i have more footage and the Dyno chart comparison between mike’s and jay’s tune.

2Dyno Results_zpsaiqzmtcy1Comparision_zpsowif3ch2


Now Jay said we can get at least 15-20HP out of it soon. as this was his ruff tune. im awaiting the 3bar Map sensor from him and we will tweak it a little more, once that is done ill be back to show more Dyno runs!



Tuning from Jay at tuning done right and my Kraftowrks install

[QUOTE=kingjason;7534579]So I have had my SC on my ride for several months. I have been through two tuners and a lot of issues with my install. I bought the proto kit from Brian and well it has been a treat let me tell you. I am a very patient guy and fairly knowledgeable at building custom rides and street rods over the course of my life. I had a 07 PHRT that was fairly loaded out and then traded it in on my truck since I got a sweet deal on a FX4 and was having a hard time selling my 98 Jeep TJ rock crawler.

Now when it comes to Jeeps I am the guy that knows his stuff although I have never dabbled in forced injection and fuel injection. I have probably built more Jeeps and custom hot rods than most anybody I have ever met. I have probably owned 50 -60 cars in my life time all the way from Barracudas, to every 4×4 known to man, not to mention many drag bikes and ridiculous street bikes. I have also been around the top fuel scene since I could walk.

Fast forward to my 13 Club. So I loved my 07 and missed buying it back by about a day for 9999.00 when I finally sold my Jeep. It would have been great since I could have just added forced induction and been done. Well it sold and I found a great deal on a 13 Club a few weeks later. Now don’t get me wrong I love the way the club looks but heck I had already finished my 07 with Progress, Koni’s, RB sways, Rev 9 spoiler and a Goodwin super Q. I love supporting the vendors that support the site since they have a lot of time invested in product development and they have great sites.

So I bought the Club and absolutely love it. I added RB sways, Brians prototype KW kit and a Carbon Miata duck tail. To be honest Brians kit was a sweet deal I thought at 2500 and then he through in free shipping. However to say I have had issues is to put it lightly. I am a super patient guy and pretty good at working out issues but dang it has been trying.

It has been three months give or take and nothing but issues to the point the Miata looks good in my garage but I will not drive it yet long term as I have yet to feel it reliable enough to get in it and travel over 5 miles or so.

First issue was crack a forming around the SC due to the proto having contact with the computer, second was belt issues, and then tuning problems. The first issue was two fold. The proto SC had a longer output on the housing and the IC piping was bigger than the factory stuff. So it went in tight and was making contact from the beginning. Now from the beginning Brian was fairly responsive until the SC cracked and I was concerned with the proto being able to be used reliably. My vendor support started slowing at this point and I was disappointed with some of the answers to be honest. I wont go into all of that but I never actually asked for a refund and figured I would work though the issues if I could. I mean I have spent probably 6k or more with Goodwin Racing. I will say CJ with KW was helping me out as much as he could. It was kind of a catch 22 situation since the kit I bought was not KW’s kit and warranty from them was not really their deal. CJ took care of me though and fixed my SC even though it was not really their issue.

So I reworked the KW mounting for the computer and figured the belt routing out thanks to Brians pictures and Rocky helping me out with tech info through Brian. To be honest I thought my proto was closer to the finished kit than it really was. Mounting plate with KW tensioner was different, IC and piping was different, SC was different, and KW had a modified belt routing VS the proto. I have bought all the updated parts now and re routed my belt. I have bought all new piping from the IC to the intake and misc other upgrades. I have also worked though the belt slipping issues and the cogged belt tensioner pulley sliding. I modified the tensioner with grooving the plate, pulley washers, and tensioner adjuster piece. So really into it for close to the factory kit price considering two tuners, not to mention the hours I have into labor. I would be substantially upside down had I paid a installer which is what I almost did at first.

CJ at KW has been great with providing me parts at cost and belts. Now on the tuning, some of the issues where of my own doing and then some issues where the proto parts. I am now up to date on belt routing, I had a piece custom ground to hopefully fix belt issues, new pulleys, and the SC belt has been holding well with the grooves I made and a good cleaning with carb cleaner. Also a new MAF tube, air straighteners, and piping for better MAF readings (Jays recommendation).

Now the tuning I bought through Goodwin since the kit was reduced. Mike has been a good voice of reason and I think I have been a very patient customer through all of the issues. I even bought my sways and exhaust through Goodwin also for the Club. I will say Mike provided me many tunes and even a stock tune to work with as I had started to ditch the kit and just save up until I could by a finished product or a turbo as it has been frustrating to say the least. However as my kit was causing special issues and Mike had a lot on his plate my updates were coming several days at a time or longer and again I had not drove my car much and my patients was getting thinner and thinner. I realize the Auto is apparently a different beast and my kit was for sure a different beast. Don’t get me wrong I actually see the benefit of the larger front end area of the SC cooler I have, it was just the other issues that I had to work though.

Now at the prodding of another KW owner with a 13 Club and the auto I switched over to Jay at tuning done right. I mean at this point since I had fixed all of the kit short comings(I thought) I was just ready to get her done and drive my ride. I PM’ed Jay and he was ready to work. I sent him a log and immediately he was calling me wanting pictures of my install. Jay called me and told me something was wrong. I sent Jay several pictures and he called me right back. Well on my kit the MAF tube was a universal deal and I had installed it backwards, so my MAF sensor was facing the wrong way. Jay told me to get that crap turned around and let him take over my lap top. Jay went to work and immediately got me a tune I could drive around on gently. When I tell you Jay has been working his but off to get my car right it is a understatement. Jay calls and texts me almost every day with a new tune. Jay immediately had me order a new MAF housing, air straighteners, and 3 inch tubing with better clamps. The stuff I have added to the kit is far superior to what I had. Better hosing, better clamps, better tubing etc. Jay does not screw around and takes it personal if my car is having issues. We worked until 2am my time in Texas on night. Jay has sent me new tunes before I woke up and usually a text saying to call him when I get up as I work nights and sleep until 1p usually. My car at this point is very close to being able to be flogged and daily driven. I have had several logs with no knock and lots of power with no fluctuation in the higher RPM’s. We have talked on the phone probably 10-15 times, 50 texts and somewhere around 16 tune tweaks. Jay even called me this evening and was mad because my last tune had just a hair of sluggishness in the mid range but the top end runs with no knock and fairly spot on by my seat of the pants dyno. I told Jay not to worry about it as I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and we are super close. He was still working it around in his brain on which tune was the best so I could drive around but I told him we were good, he has for sure far surpassed my expectations and I know we are close. Plus I have a nice daily to drive.

This car is a monster now, my stock cat is still alive, and we are very close. Jay is a monster and knows his stuff that is for sure. I would also like to give a shout out to CJ at KW, John, X25, Jacob(my 13 auto twin), and IND for his spacer PDF and innovation. All of us guys are like a little family working through these issues, mine and theirs. Couldn’t ask for a better group of guys in that thread.

I harbor no ill will towards anyone, this has just been a heck of a undertaking and with out all of the support I am not sure I would have made it this far. Jay has three way called multiple people and generally they answer and we talk about issues and installations.

Final note and my point is, Jay rocks. The guy has a passion for the cars that is un surpassed. I hope long term through all the tunes, driving it hard and belt issues I haven’t done any damage to the poor old 2.0 with 30k on it. I guess the bright side is if it does let go at some point I can probably get a great deal on a standard version, low mileage 2.0 from San Marcos at Dynotronics since he is one of the 2.5 masters. Or maybe just a new 2.5 which I am sure Jay would be all over tuning. No issues yet, just in the back of my mind with all the revisions and hard driving. Jay has called me before and told me to cut it out with the hard runs. I have been very good though but when it appears to run right I have laid into it a few times. Hopefully we are good with my 2.0 and I know we are close. I am hopeful of many miles of no drama and driving. Also it will be nice to get this nailed down and focus on suspension only. Oh and Jay has not asked me for one cent as of tonight, the guy just wants my car to run right. Jay, you are the man and holy crap I appreciate all of your help. What’s funny is I actually understand your spanglish very well since I grew up with a Cuban guy and you two sound like twins!


I would never hesitate at recommending this guy and his products.[/QUOTE]




Another awesome tuning experience with Jay@ TDR

Jay reached out to me following the loss of my 2008 NC and purchase of my new 2013 Club. He told me when I was ready, contact him for an NA reflash. So tonight we hooked up and as usual, Jay took control of my computer and walked me thru the update process for the new license. Software was updated and I was ready to download my current file and upload the new file.

Now my computer has been acting up for the last month and never been the same after some virus removals.

While in the middle of the ECU download, the program became unresponsive and I was forced to unplug the cable and reboot the computer. I tried re-downloading the ECUTEK uploader and kept having issues with non compatible USB drivers, system failure, contact the manufacturing/system administrator. To say the least, I was frustrated and thought I had fried the interface cable and the license key.
I called Jay back. He immediately calmed me down and walked me thru the steps again. Problem was still persisting. He had me go to another computer, download application and test interface and license key. All was good on the other computer and it confirmed that the laptop had some serious issues. So I told Jay that I would have to get another laptop to complete the download.

Wait, says Jay, before you do that try this solution called “clean Boot”. During the time I was downloading the ECUTEK app on the other computer, Jay was searching the internet for solutions to my lame computer problems. Still in control of my laptop he had downloaded the complete procedure for me.

Bottom line – I ran the clean boot, re downloaded the ECUTEK program and the drivers were finally recognized and minutes later I had the new tune flashed. Took it out for a quick test drive around the neighborhood (limited to 25 MPH) but could already notice the difference.

Thanks Jay for your patience with me, providing calming guidance, finding solutions for stupid computer issues, and of course providing great tunes.


2013 Black Club PRHT 6MT -Progress Sways. TEIN St Flex, TDR Tune, Special Force Turbo, Carbon clutch, PF01 17×8, FM Wilwood LBBK




A Review & Comparison of Esc OpenFlash tune vs TDR Tune

About 2 months ago I purchased the OpenFlash electric supercharger from Vishnu Tuning. I had followed the phantom electric supercharger (the hardware used in the Vishnu kit) since the ft86club thread and was intrigued by it. When I saw a kit was being developed for the NC I was excited to see what came of it.

When the final kit was released I was confident in the hardware which had been proven by many members and a few dynos on the FT86 so I knew it could make some real power. I was less excited however with the OpenFlash off-the-shelf one-size-fits-all tuning solution. I purchased the kit with the OFT and contacted Jay at TDR Tuning about doing an ecutek tune for the new system including a 2.5 bar map sensor (from a mazdaspeed3) to allow Jay to tune based on manifold pressure. I took notes throughout the process to document what I liked and disliked about each the and what I felt.

In the beginning of October I installed the eSC on my otherwise stock (except an RSII muffler) 2008 NC and flashed the OpenFlash eSC tune. The difference in WOT acceleration was excellent and I was very pleased with the output of the small, electrically driven compressor; this review however is to discuss the two tunes and not the ESC.

With the oftune, outside of WOT the car drove very similar to stock. I felt a very slight difference in throttle response and that was about it. Although many people consider a tune to just be about going fast and making more power, the tune really dictates the entire driving experience. My two biggest gripes with the oftune were the cruise control operation and the engine braking. I HATED the change in cruise control that the new the had created. On downhill roads with cruise control on, a horrible lurching resulted that felt like the throttle plate constantly going open-closed-open-closed. With the Ecutek tune cruise control was as smooth or another than stock. The other annoyance was the engine braking I felt. When you would let off the throttle there would be a very aggressive deceleration from engine braking. It made for a less enjoyable and comfortable drive. With Jay’s tune when you let off the throttle the car just seems to continue coasting smoothly and gradually slows down. The throttle response with Jay’s tune was so much more direct than the OpenFlash tune, I would say at last twice as noticeable.

In regards to the tune itself, jay took the time to show me and explain to me through the datalogs how everything was performing and why that was ideal and the results are pretty dramatic in practice. The difference in acceleration at WOT is definitely there and the onset of boost is incredibly smooth and seamless (Jay even showed me the difference in the onset of boost in the datalogs).

I can go on and on, but in driving the tunes back to back, it is undeniable that Jay’s tune is superior in performance, and more importantly to me, in drivability. Considering a relatively small difference in price between the oft and Jay’s tune, the choice in my opinion is very clear.



Nathan Smith SC MX5

Hi everyone! This is my first post on this forum, but I’ve been following it for quite some time. I have a 2008 NC Miata with a fully built 2.0 and Cosworth SC by FM, and now a brand new tune by Jay at TDR. In very short words about a year and a half ago my car was worthless… the engine completely destroyed, and less than 10,000 miles to its name. I came to a cross roads in my car choices, on whether to overhaul the car for a ridiculous amount of money, or to let it go… you can guess what I chose. Well after weathering the storm, and the more than excellent service, workmanship, and hard work by Flyin’ Miata my car was back on it’s legs, all including the fun Cosworth setup.

After receiving the car in November 2013, I couldn’t have been more impressed with its performance, until now. These last few weeks, I decided to upgrade some parts to finish the exhaust with a Racing Beat header, I already had a FM mid pipe, and Racing Beat Pulse rear exhaust. I also purchased and mounted Moto-east’s brand new CAI, 2.8″ pulley, and decided to tryout Jay’s TDR tune. This was the key choice I’m glad I made. After patrolling the forums seeing mixed feedback from many of you guys on tuning experiences/potential downfalls, I couldn’t help but levitate toward’s Blue Meany’s posts as he has the setup most similar to mine/what I want to have. After seeing him praise Jay as being almost mind blown by the quality of tune, I had to give it a shot. After initially just dumping a long email on Jay on my intentions with my car, and pending upgrades, he quickly replied and called me by the next morning. Already I was impressed, not only by his passion for business, but by his sheer effort to want to help me with my car setup, and it’s calibration.

After loading the initial file, I was already blown away. I thought my car was pretty quick even with the base tune, but wow was I taken aback by the instant gain in power and smoothness Jay’s tune provided. Even my friends were impressed, and at times scared how much more alive my car felt. After many smiles and quick datalog/new revision turn over times, I can’t praise Jay enough for taking my car to the next level. He always is available for questions, advice, and even troubleshooting, and I’m more than appreciative of his contributions to the MX5. His dedication to our cars has definitely benefited us tremendously. I already love the Miata community, but it’s guys like Jay, and the guys at Flyin’ Miata, that reinforce the decision I made last year to keep the roadster life alive.


Special Force Turbo driving impressions

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to meet with fastredrat and test drove his miata with Jay’s Special Force Turbo (SFT) system. As a previous supercharged NC miata owner, I am excited to share with you my personal impression of fastredrat’s turbo miata, and how it compares to my Cosworth (FM) supercharged car.

A little background about my car first. My miata had a Cosworth supercharger installed for 2 years until I had to change the engine back to stock to keep it running on California streets. The car had a 3.2 pulley running at 10 psi maximum, and it was tune also by Jay with his 3bar MAP sensor. Since I moved out of CA, I have been thinking about putting a turbo on my miata, trying something different this time. However, I had my doubt about the SFT kit, and worried the turbo lag could ruin the fun that I miss from the supercharger. My test drive of fastredrat’s SFT miata got rid of all my concerns. This is the NC mazdaspeed that Mazda should have done!

The first thing that impressed me was not the power, but the stock-like drivability of fastredrat’s miata. The car idles very stable with no strange noise. Cruising at 2 to 3k rpm, the car drives very smoothly without jerk. Under a steady increase of throttle, I felt an smooth acceleration that’s very similar to the way a supercharged miata delivers at this rpm range with low boost. Even when I suddenly floor the gas at 2000 rpm, the car had no knock at all. Anyone who owned a supercharged miata without a 3bar sensor knows that this is a big no no that will likely lead to engine knocking.

I am quite familiar with the power of a supercharged miata with 10 psi. When you accelerated from low rpm, this 10 psi boost level comes in at around 5k rpm. At 14 psi boost level, fastredrat’s miata is a lot more powerful than I expected. The power comes very smoothly at any rpm, but the most torque comes in violently at 4500 rpm, and it keeps going to the redline without any power or torque drop off. To test out the turbo lag, especially under our daily driving conditions, I drove the car at 2500 and 3000 rpm in various gears, and repeatedly pressed on and off the gas pedal half way. I was very impressed by the throttle response. The car accelerates immediately from the moment I put in more throttle. Obviously, at such rpm range, the car responds slower at 4th gear than 2nd, but it is very similar to what the supercharger could do under same conditions. In fact, I felt the turbo delivered power quicker most of the time. Yes, a supercharger compresses air and starts to build boost the moment you step on the gas, so it has no turbo lag. However, it still takes time to build 10 psi boost from –18 psi vacuum. This wait could also be pretty frustrating sometimes. In terms of the turbo lag, I think the SFT miata is very close to the new focus ST, and better than the 2015 WRX I test drove recently.

Coming up to the conclusion now. If I want more power for my miata again, should I put the FM supercharger kit back on or go with the SFT? Everyone has his or her own preference of supercharger or turbo, and most people will probably never change their opinions. I truly believe that you cannot go wrong with either option. Both the FM and SFT kit make the stock miata a even better sport car. However, if you worried about the turbo lag or poor drivability that SFT kit might have? My experience tells me you don’t need worry about that.

Finally, I want to thank fastredrat again for driving 2 hours one way to meet me, and offered me the opportunity to test drove his amazing miata. I really enjoyed our conversations and can’t wait to cruise with you in our miatas again!


April 2014 

My Tuning Experience With Jay at TDR Verus My Previous Tuner [Moto-East]

I want to share with you all my experience with Jay at TDR to assist you in your tuning selection.
A little backround, I drive an automatic 2008 NC Miata PRHT modified with the Begi turbo kit (Garrett 2860RS), Flyin Miata exhaust and stage II suspension kit, and Goodwin Racing midpipe. Turbo was installed in November 2013.
When I first contacted Jay my concerns with the tune that I had been running at the time were hesitation when accelerating (not lag), erratic searching by the ecu for the correct AFR (more than would be considered normal) and the tranny not shifting into higher gear before bouncing off the rev limiter (for which my tuner at the time had said was a transmission issue possibly requiring rebuilding).
Sent Jay the last log I had done and he quickly pointed out issues with the timing, at times being in the negative on acceleration (NOT while midshift). He assured me that he understood these issues and they could be overcome with a few pieces of equipment (Mazda 3-way MAP sensor and a blow through MAF set up) and his tuning, which I promptly purchased. I would like to also make mention that it was recommended to me by my previous tuner ti purchase and install a water/meth injection system, which I did, and Jay asked me to disconnect it as it was an unnecessary danger to carry and the system was prone to spraying the cylinders unequally exposing the engine future problems. Once I received the equipment from Jay I had them installed the next day and the WMI disconnected.
After the initial tune (which was lean but Jay had only my previous log to go on) I noticed differences immediately in overall performance, which only had gotten better with subsequent tunes. I now have smooth acceleration with no hesitation, increased throttle response, significantly less AFR hunting, significant increase in power (not dyno’ed so I do not have actual data, but the power difference is without doubt), decreased coolant and air intake temps (although not excessive with the previous tune, was higher than I liked) and no signs of KR kicking in.
Jay is a pleasure to work with, giving great detail on how he would like the logging executed and very informative and instructional on logged data. His dedication to providing the perfect tune for the NC miata is unmatched, and I, for one, am very happy with Jay’s tuning ability and don’t plan on any future tuning with anyone else. I am feeling confident daily driving the car again and worrying less about my AFR and more about the speed I’m traveling. He has put the excitement into having a turbo charged NC! roadtrippin is online now Report Post Reply With Quote Multi-Quote This Message Quick reply to this message




As far as tuning goes, I am actually trying to decide between Moto-East or TDR. Yep I am actually seriously considering Jay at TDR. While I had many concerns with his turbo setup (most of which he fixed due to our collective butt-reaming), he is arguably the most knowledgable NC tuner there is.




On The Road AgainAfter tracking down and fixing my coolant leak on the thermostat hose, the rest of the reassembly went very smoothly.

Cranking the engine for the first time was both exciting and a little nerve wracking but Jay@TDR was watching remotely and gave the all clear for the first of several road tests.

The first WOT test was one of those Wow moments – silky smooth power and a really, really nice feel to the car overall like it was just made that way. Subsequent tests to red line were even more awe inspiring. Jay had the car dialed in very quickly and made it seem so easy. I’m not sure when he sleeps, but he was very responsive and is a true professional. I think he may have been more excited than me a couple of times.

The bad news is that I’m leaving on vacation soon and won’t be able to drive this car around Iceland when I’m there. But when I’m back there’s some seriously twisty roads around here that I’m going to enjoy just punching out of with that nice SC whine.

I’m not much into all of the appearance mods, but this is one performance kicker I wish I had tackled earlier. Thanks to all the risk takers who were there before me and an awesome community of enthusiasts and vendors who appreciate this car for what it is, but strive to make it even better. Zoom, zoom indeed!

Fellow 6AT, stock or boosted.  0 to 60 in 4.6 sec

If you want to maximize power, eliminate hestiation and stumble, then you need to contact Jay at Tuning Done Right (TDR) 954 673 5721. I am in the final stages of tuning and Jay’s tune is nearly perfected. The cause of hesitation and stumble is clearly understood. Jay will customize your NA or FI 6AT and make it smooth with increased power. I have over 100K miles on the car, 70 K boosted. This is my 3rd try with a tuner, and Jay is getting it right.
Stop living with anything less than maximum consistent performance from your 6AT


0 to 60

A new dawn in tuning…finally




Over the years I have flashed an NC MX-5 probably 200 times. This would include my car (the Blue Meany) as well as numerous customer cars that have gone forced induction and had me do the installation.

The tuning part of the installation has always been the part that I have dreaded the most. It is amazing how time consuming driving, logging, emailing the log along with driving impressions, downloading a new tune, loading it onto the interface box, flashing the ECU and repeating the process at least a half dozen times (usually it takes at least a dozen times) can be.

What made the above process most frustrating was that when the customer picked up the car I was never really happy with how the car ran. It always seemed to be an interim tune that the customer could drive safely but if they wanted refinement (and power) they’d have to spend more time on the tune themselves. That day has ended now my friends.

I recently sold and installed my previously loved Cosworth supercharger. I did not include the Sniper interface box as I was still using it to dial in my new Begi turbo setup, so the customer had to source the tuning on his own. He chose to go with TDR and the EcuTek interface.




Once the SC was installed I emailed Jay at TDR the relevant ECU dump info and he had a tune ready for me in a jiffy and said that he’d be standing by ready to make revisions. I flashed the ECU and got my DashDaq setup and ready for a few days of the “normal” tuning process. Once the car was warmed up and I confirmed that the car and SC were not leaking any vital fluids I took the car out for an easy shake down run. Immediately I noticed that the cars ignition was missing and shortly the car threw a CEL confirming what I was feeling. I called Jay and let him know what I found and that I’d be taking the car back to the shop to fix the plague of the 06 NC, a broken #3 coil wire. Jay said he’d be standing by. I repaired the broken wire and quickly got back to logging amidst the corn fields of West Michigan.

I did my usual first tune type driving, setting the trims then gradually loading the car up more until KR showed up or AFRs got lean. However this time I found my self getting farther and farther from my shop. The car was not knocking and AFRs were near ideal. I began pushing the car harder, giving the brakes a real workout as I’d quickly decel from inappropriate speeds then back up again with grin inducing quickness all the while keeping an eye on the data logger. All systems were within spec and the car was amazingly quick. Could it be possible that this car is tuned perfectly on the first tune? Well, not quite perfect as AFRs were 11.1 from 5k on but otherwise this tune was perfect. Driveability was exemplary, AFRs were completely stable and predictable, power was what I’d expect at 10psi with a stock exhaust, and there was absolutely zero KR anywhere. I had to lug the motor to prove to myself that the knock sensor was still working.

After a long and delightful drive I called Jay to thank him for making my life as an installer easier and to commend him on the quality of this tune. Jay told me that he was sending a tune to get those 11.1 AFRs a bit leaner, which it did, and now after 2 tunes this car is ready to deliver to the customer. I am fully confident in the stability and safety of this tune and am amazed at the power we are getting out of a comparatively mild setup. It’s just a total blast to drive.

I am still flabbergasted that the first tune was as good as or better than any tune I have ever experienced on any NC, regardless of the time put in to refine it. The day we have all been longing for where we can add boost to our cars and with little effort get it tuned with stable, predictable AFRs, no KR, stock like smoothness, and obscene acceleration is finally here.





Hi all,
Just an update on my TDR tuning progress… 

As some of you may recall my supercharged NC was running dangerously lean on the Dynotronics tune. With no quick update in sight, I switch over toJay at TDR. He was very quick to make my car safe to drive once again.

However ever since I had switched to TDR there has been one slight problem. The car was now experiencing a hesistation or lag whenever I wanted to accelerate. So for example when I pushed the throttle, the car would go into a sort of limp mode (feeling power less than stock) for 1-2 seconds before deciding, ‘ohhh you want to go fast now?’. This predominately happened within the 2500 to 4500rpm range and with my pedal position at around 20% – 50%. So as you can see it was affecting daily driving performance. It was a pain the back side. Going WOT was all fine though.

Jay had told me he had seen this before on Sandor’s car. The reason for this error was my car had parts of the Dynotronics tune still inside. Jay was trying to undo the Dynotronics adjustments but finding it all proved difficult and time consuming. So my car was running my custom TDR tune but there were still Dynotronics values in the my file that were conflicting and creating my ‘limp’ problem.

What needed to be done was move away from using the Sniper Interface and continue with the ECUTek interface. Using ECUTek we were able to get my original factory Mazda tune (2007 EU) back. Jay could now work from a blank slate! He transferred our tuning progress over onto the factory tune.

We reflashed the car only once and the limp mode has vanished. The car is now silky smooth and I am experiencing power that I hadn’t before! Feels very good and I need to get grippier tyres because they are loosing grip a bit too much! 

My car is still on the stock exhaust system because I am in the process of getting my Supercharger legalised in Australia. But I can’t wait to put my full Goodwin exhaust back and uncork this beast!


 I’d just like to chime in

And reaffirm that Jay knows how to tune the MX5 extremely well. My car is running really strong now. It’s great to hear Adam that you can finally put the tuning frustrations to bed and concentrate on what you’d rather be doing!Thanks Jay! 
’06 PRHT SC’d Galaxy Grey
’06 PRHT SC’d Galaxy Grey

A happy tuning customer here!!

Recently, my 06 “Adamizied” Cosworth MX5 was switched over from using the Sniper tune, to TDRs EcuTek tune. I mostly wanted to get rid of the 421 code that kept turning my check engine light on, but we also felt that the car was leaving a bit of power on the table. This is my “bipolar Miata”, suitable for a cruise to the beach,
autocross, or track day, so I need the tune absolutely reliable and safe, but the car still didnt feel as fast as it seems it should have.We scheduled with Jay at TDR to tune on a Sunday afternoon as that was what fit our mutual schedules. Before we made any changes to the car we did a baseline acceleration test of 60-100, then Jay and my installer worked together data logging and re-tuning to get a safe tune to best fit both my driving styles. About 5hrs later we were done.Adam did a 60-100 test when we were done to see where we ended up power wise and we dropped an unbelievable 2.6 seconds with just the tune! Then I got behind the wheel, Wow- A significant improvement in power, most noticeable on the low end. No hesitation or flat spots when I stomp on it at low rpm. Smooth all the way to redline. I’ve not yet found the top end, but it’s still pulling when I run out of road. Too bad driving season is mostly over in my area. Maybe further south for a late track day??
Thanks Jay and TDR for the support!!!!
Ed06 NC
Cosworth in 2011
3.2 pulley
10-11 psi
GWR header and Q exhaust

No doubt about it

Jay is great to work with and delivers. Unlike before, I now love my SC because it is tuned properly by TDR (you can search on all of my previous posts outlining my problem with the original SC tune). He walked me through reflash and did the first one with remote access while on the phone. The car has been safe and strong since.
His love for these cars (and his quest for a proper tune) has benefited all of us.
2010 PRHT Touring 6MT Silver w/ suspension package
lowered seat, removed dead pedal, SmartTop, FM SC – tuned properly by TDR, ACT HD clutch





Hi fellow NC owners, I thought I would share my story of my supercharged NC and my experience with Dynotronics. It is a long read but please bear with me!



I first got my Australian 2006 NC in July 2011. The car was hardly used and right from the get go I loved this car to no end. The handling is excellent and I love overall driving experience. The only thing that I felt lacked, was the power. I had known about the Cosworth kit and it had always been in the back of my mind. So about a year later, after installing various other power mods; a full exhaust system, CAI Intake and shorter final gear ratio, I still wasn’t impressed. I contacted the local Australian Dynotronics distributer (ADD). They were happy to install and tune my car with the Flyin’ Miata/Dynotronics supercharger kit. So the deal was done and I was so excited to put the finishing touches to my ultimate car!

The installation took a week and the ADD had done a really fantastic job on the install. I also met Tim, another owner who happened to be getting the SC installed at the same time. It has been great to have eachother’s support through this experience. There is only a handful of supercharged NC’s in Australia.

When I first picked up my new supercharged NC and drove down the road, the first thing I notice was the idle was rough and unstable. The rev limiter would jump up and down, drop to almost stalling and then catch itself. The car would buck at low speed. However while cruising and WOT, the power seemed fine. I was so excited to have the car back that I ignored the rough idle issue and thought it might go away in the days to come. It turned out Tim also had these symptoms and we both got constant lean idle CEL’s. We thought it may have been an air leak but the ADD thought otherwise. Joe was notified of our rough idle conditions and we were promised an update soon to richen the mixture.

Meanwhile controversy began on the forums regarding Dynotronics, TDR, Sandor and MXGeorge. It encouraged me to get a data logger and check my tune. I picked up a DashDAQ, thanks to Adam Daly’s (Blue Meany) advice and soon found out that the car was running lean all over. I was getting really high >5 knock retard and my fuel trims were constantly maxed out. I was so shocked as it seemed fine when driving at WOT. I felt sick to my stomach as I would have avoided going WOT had I known the car was running so lean. I trusted Dynotronics and before I bought the SC I was promised a tune that was modified to Australian fuels. Meanwhile it had been over a month and still no update from Joe at Dynotronics! Tim was optimistic with Joe and was certain the update was soon. Both of us had supplied Joe with logs. I on the other hand was not so optimistic. If the time between updates was counted in months then it didn’t look so good. I did not spend all this money to damage my engine and put up with poor service.

When TDR appeared on the forums, I immediately appreciated Jay’s use of numbers and facts. He clearly explains what a properly tuned NC should do and what it should not, plus had the logs to back it up. Not only that, but he had long-time owners such as Adam Daly and Sandor praising TDR. I signed up for his free tune offer and sent my logs to Jay. He soon replied with, ‘DON’T GO WOT ANYMORE!’. He later confirmed to me the >5 knock at 100% absolute load, the maxed fuel trims and at times the car was not going into open loop at WOT. I would have stopped driving the car if I didn’t need it to go to work. Instead I took it very easy with my right foot, so much so that I developed a sharp pain in my ankle for holding it in that awkward position of touching the pedal ever so slightly without pushing too much. The first time I spoke to Jay on the phone I knew he was a genuinely nice guy that was dedicated and here to help, which is probably why he works in the medical field. He told me that his business goal is for his clients to have perfectly tuned cars and to enjoy their cars as quickly as possible. He was very concerned for me and my car and told me he would do everything he can to fix my car and we would tune to perfection. “We got to get fuel in your car ASAP”, he stressed. Jay accepted to do my tune pro bono and I am forever grateful for this.

The following day I received a call from the ADD. Joe had told them I was dealing with TDR and they politely warned me that Jay was trying to steal Joe’s tune, I would lose my warranty, they would not help me get my Engineering Certificate and proceeded to discredit Jay’s lack of experience. However from what I have seen in Jay’s outstanding logs I had no doubt in my mind that he was very experienced. Regardless I was very stressed over this and told Jay my situation and to cancel my tuning. Jay was very upset that they did this but could understand my situation. The main thing I was worried about was the Engineering Certificate. Without it, my car is illegal to drive in Australia. A cop could defect my car and insurance companies could void my claims. I did some more research on the subject and Jay directed me to an Australian company that could help me get the certificate. With my mind now at ease, I thanked the ADD for all their help on the install and let them know I was going to try another tuning solution.

Jay didn’t mess around. He sent the Sniper interface via UPS International Express and I received the Sniper interface in 3 days and we immediately got to work. The Sniper interface read my car’s current tune and I sent it to Jay. Jay had a quick look and it was what he had feared but known all along. The MAF had not been scaled and the fueling maps were identical to the stock tune. He had seen this same tune on every other Dynotronics car regardless of location around the world! Jay sent me a new tune within a few minutes, which gave my fuel-starved NC some much needed fuel. Upon start-up the car felt and sounded very smooth now and the rough idle was eliminated (no air leak after all, just a bad tune). It had been over a month and Tim was still waiting on Dynotronics for a fix that Jay just did in 10 minutes!

I have been tuning with Jay every day for a week and my car has improved in leaps and bounds. I am getting new tune files every day and I would send him my 20 minute log that night. It was like getting a new present every time because I knew each file would be an exciting new improvement to my car. At the moment my car drives very smooth like it is from the Mazda factory and it has very strong smooth power. Knock retard is very minimal and has almost gone completely. My fuel trims are back to neutral. But most importantly the car is finally running safe! I talk to Jay on the phone every day to give him an update on how my car is reacting to the tunes. He is a real pleasure to work with. Service has been second to none. I am happy that I made the decision to change to TDR as my car is working 100% better and it only took a week. I just feel sorry for my friend Tim who after waiting so long for an update, just had his reflash from Joe and it is running worse. I find this completely unacceptable and I am relieved I made the decision to switch.

I am so glad that my car is finally getting sorted now. Jay is very good at what he does and his dedication and willingness to help the MX5 community is refreshing. Please hang in there Tim, we will get your car’s Tuning Done Right.

TDR has now formed a partnership with a reputable racing team in Australia with the sole purpose of providing legal turbo and supercharged applications to the Australian NC owners. These guys are helping me get my engineering certificate and will also develop their kits to include the certificates. Exciting news for Aussie NC’s and a possible turbo kit for right hand drive!

I want to reiterate and confirm that the Dynotronics Australian Distributer (ADD), did a flawless job of the SC install and I received good service. The only issue I have is with Joe’s very poor Dynotronics tune. This story is based purely on fact.

I asked Jay to send me a screenshot of the comparison MAF scaling between Dynotronics and a stock tune. This was data is from my car. Identical and yet Joe said on the forum the MAF was scaled ???

Originally Posted by dynotronics1 View Post

Simply stated, if the MAF/voltage is incorrect, pretty much everything is going to be off. Its sort of the foundation of the whole system

Originally Posted by Ted928 View Post

That makes sense to me.Since the SC kits uses a larger dia intake tube where the stock MAF is mounted, it is necessary to rescale the transfer function in order for the MAF output voltage to properly correspond with the real mass air flow rate.Joe (DPtune/Dynotronics/Pisani) do you rescale the MAF transfer function?

Originally Posted by dynotronics1 View Post
we do recalibrate the maf for the tube, yes.

Read more here:




My Supercharger Journey



Kurks car

Long time lurker and life-long roadster lover here. I thought I would share my supercharger experience.I had a Cosworth supercharger installed in December of 2010. This was a long distance endeavor, as I live in California, and the outfit who did the install/tune is located 730 miles to the East. The car never ran right from the start as she would stumble when shifting from 2nd to 3rd and from 3rd to 4th. The car was not producing much power ether. I voiced my concerns that I felt the car was not tuned properly, and sent multiple logs to the outfit. The replies were that its clearly not the tune, something else is wrong with your car. What made me uneasy is they said they couldn’t even see the stumbles on the logs, and these were not mild stumbles.So I have a supercharged car that my gut tells me its not safe to drive, and my solution is to take it back to an outfit 700 miles away…and I’m not sure they are being straight with me. Like most of us, I’ve got a budget to stick to…so the car did a lot of sitting in the garage.I recently contacted Jay at TDR, and he gave me his word that we could fix the car and that he would stick with me….even if we hit a few roadblocks that were not related to tuning.Wow…that Dude is a man of his word. I now have the supercharged car I had always hoped for! No stumbles and a LOT more power. My car is no longer sitting in the garage, I am out driving the twisties every chance I get! I thought I would attach a pic as I am now proud of this car.I also have a dyno appointment Friday and will post the results. FOLLOW UP10 months ago, TDR “re-tuned” my supercharged NC. I was a very happy camper, as I finally had a car that performed the way I thought it should.Earlier this week, out of the blue, TDR emailed me a new tune. Jay stated that it was a complete recalibration of the ECU. The car has all of the acceleration and torque that I want and has the drivability of a non-supercharged stock engine. I really notice the difference in the lower rpm’s.

Kudos to TDR, that’s what I call service after the sale!





My NC2 is Finally Tuned


As some of you may know, I documented my displeasure and disbelief regarding my “tune” in this thread.

Shortly after, sales of dataloggers went up – along with more logs from others:

I am not a tuner, but it sure is easy for me to see what a bad tune looks like.

After having outstanding success tuning turbos, Jay took on the NC1 SC. This is a non-stock engine.

Well I am here to report that Jay has also mastered the NC2 SC.

We started off by first having my ECU reflashed back to stock by Mazda ($55). I continued to drive the car with the SC bypass valve opened via a check valve. I would get some mild Kr since the absolute load value is off due to the cosworth MAF housing.

Then Jay emailed me a new tune for my NC2 based on his previous NC1 work. We flashed it in and I went off and logged some data after first fully warming-up the engine. I still got a fair amount of Kr, but lower values than before (the highest was 3.9). The LTFT were significantly lower than before. Jay looked at the data and told me “no problem – I’ll send you a new tune in 10 minutes”. Sure enough, TEN MINUTES later I had a new tune. We flashed it in and off I went.

The car was great. Very strong. My Kr warning light only lit once during my 11 adventures at full load. My values of LTFT are between +1.6 and -2.3.

He went from his first tune, which had never been tried in an NC2 before, to a nearly perfect second tune in 10 MINUTES. This man knows how to tune the MX5.

I am sure that Jay will want to perfect the tune and that I need more time for the ECU to fully adapt but these results are truly amazing. 

I finally have a real tune!!!!!! 

Thanks Jay.





Setting the record straight on my NC Supercharger experiences

I am the Shandor / Sandor (Pronounced /Shawn-door/ that is being talked about in the S/C NC discussions between Dynotronics (DPTune/Joe) and MX George. It is my car that was used to set a “base” tune for the Cosworth engine, or so I thought. It is true that my engine [stock Mazda motor with only 5300 (Yes hundred, not a miss print) miles on it was used as a guinea pig since I was getting a Cosworth built engine. I do not have a problem with the fact that it was grenaded in the quest for more power. However, to find out that the tune Jay pulled from my car (with the Cosworth engine) was the same tune that Sniper sent me 2+ years earlier, was very disheartening to say the least. Especially since I trailered my car to Joe, in New Braunfels, (4 1/2 hours away) at least 8 times and drove it down there several more times as well. On a few occasions it was left at DPTune for months at a time, mostly because I was in the hospital for surgeries throughout the two years. (Long story, not for this forum) Each time, the car was left there, I thought it was being “tweaked” to make it run better. It seems that I was being misled. All I know is that the car was very unstable. It would sometimes run 14.5 AFR’s under boost at WOT and then at times it would run 13.2 AFR’s under boost at WOT. I was not data logging at that time. I asked Joe why it was doing this and all I was told was that this is where he set it. I am getting the most power at that point. The leaner you can run the more power you get, and other such statements.When I asked why everyone is telling me to stop driving due to how lean it was running. Joe said that they are behind the times. With new technology, and better timing control, you can run leaner safely. I, being a tuning moron, just took it at face value. However, after many sessions of being berated by several of my NC buddies, I decided to get a second opinion. Blue Meany suggested that I get with Mike at Moto-East and see what they could do for me. However, I was given the cold shoulder because of my affiliation with Joe / DPTune. Mike was convinced that I was trying to help Joe better his tune by getting Moto-East’s tune files for Joe. No hard feelings against Mike, I understand his position. I was viewed by most as carrying Joe’s water. Those that know me, know that I was having problems with my tune and wanted me to post my issues to the forum for the “betterment of the NC community.” But, I told Joe that I would not post any opinions until the final tune was written. (My motor is a totally different animal. It is a true Cosworth motor. Not only does it have the Cosworth internals, but, it also has the Cosworth head and cams, much higher flowing heads, thus more difficult to tune, or so I was told.) I would then do a post of my impressions of the tune and how the car runs. Good or bad, I would be honest. Well, fast forward two years, I got the final tune and it was not what I was expecting. I need to preface this with, I like Joe. He is a very likable guy. I have no ill will towards him or his business. I am not sure whether he knew all of this or if he trusted Piazzini, due to their past affiliation, and assumed that they were doing their job. I am, however, very disappointed in the fact that my final tune was an almost exact copy of the Sniper tune I received mare than two years earlier. I am upset that I spent several hundred Dollars in fuel and countless hours of my time driving down there (4 ½ hours each way) to get my car worked on. Just to find out that there was nothing done. The only thing that was done, was my Rev limiter was raised, as requested.Since Mike at Moto-East would not deal with me, I thought I was out of options. This was before Jay was in the business. So I called Blue Meany because he is one of the few people I trust in this matter and he told me to call MX George. I talked to him and he recommended that I talk to Jay. His car was just tuned by Jay and based on the things he was telling me, one would think that Jay could walk on water and part the seas at will. I decided to talk to Jay and see if he could or even would help me. I knew right away that I was dealing with a great human being. His personality and grace exuded through the phone. He asked me to send him a Data log of my car and after some logging runs I sent him the files. At first he did not want to say anything negative about Joe’s tune, he just said that the tune looks “Okay”. When I asked him about the lean condition, he just said that since it is not getting a lot of knock retard I should just turn up my Water/Meth injection and call it good. I then asked him to please double check and sent him some new logs. I guess that due to the inconsistencies of the second batch of logs, he requested the tune file (Hex code) from my ECU, but, since I gave my Sniper interface box and commando software to Joe, 2 1/2 years earlier. I had to order a new box from Pat to accommodate that request. Once I got the tune pulled and sent it to Jay, he quickly responded with a call telling me to “STOP DRIVING THE CAR”. When I asked why, he just said that once he saw what the ECU was doing just to keep the engine from blowing itself up, it was dangerous to keep driving. I am not sure of the exact numbers, (you can get the details from Jay), but, my car was in the low single digits in timing under boost and it was still running lean. (The ECU cuts timing when it detects a lean condition to help cool the engine.) The Long Term Fuel Trims were maxed out and it was still running too lean. Basically it was a blown engine in the making. We did several months worth of tuning over the internet and got it running pretty well. However, Jay was not happy and so I decided to take a week of leave from the Army and trailered it out to Florida and get it done in person. The car now runs 18-19 degrees of timing under boost and it has AFR’s dropping, in a linear fashion, into the low 11’s under boost as RPM’s rise. The car feels stronger, responds quicker and sounds even better than before.

A little bit about Dyno numbers.
I learned that Dyno number’s are not worth the paper they are printed on. You can tune a car to run on the street and it will run pig rich on the dyno. And conversely, if you tune a car to run on a dyno, it will run dangerously lean on the street. Reason I was given was that the Dyno does not produce as much resistance as the road. Once the dyno is rolling, it develops its own inertia and the car does not have to push as hard to keep it rolling. Thus the load on the engine is less and the AFR’s will reflect that by running rich. This proved to be true when I took my DPTuned car to the dyno. It was running AFR’s in the high 12’s on the dyno despite the fact that it was in the high 13’s to mid 14’s on the street. We also did a few dyno tunes in Florida, (3 hours of dyno time) to fine tune the engine on the dyno. I was told in advance that this would only be a tune for the Dyno and not for the street. But, being the doubting Tomas that I am, I insisted that we keep the “perfect” tune in the car and drive it that way. As I was told, my KR was flashing pretty much any time I applied the throttle. The car was running way to lean. But, once we reloaded the street tune, the car ran like a factory tuned race car.Sandor

From  Pro-race car driver Brad Gates “The Stig”


I had the pleasure of driving the Blackone on Jay’s most recent North Carolina test trip. Let me first say, I’ve driven many very fast cars, and have put more than 30 different race cars through their paces on track. I know about high performance sports cars. My expectation when Jay offered the keys to Blackone, and what I experienced, were miles apart. Given the power output (which was already evident from following him through the mountains), I was expecting something harsh and ill-mannered. The power rolled on as smooth and robust as V8, and the car took on speed deceptively quickly. On a very difficult road (both choppy and twisty), the car was easy to push, because the power was so controllable. Never a moment when I needed to try to outguess the car, even on the bumpy surface. I’ve driven Formula Atlantics, Sports Racers, Lotuses of many models and modifications, and some very quick Porsches. I’m not easily impressed. I was impressed with this car.I must say: Nicely done, Jay.Brad







 TDR Test Drive

I drove Jay’s (from TDR) car today. Here is a summary. (long summary)

First a bit about myself. I am on my 3rd Miata. I had a 94 that I turbo’d myself with a DIY kit very similar to the Greddy kit for the 1st Gen Miata. My 2nd Miata, which I still own, is a 93 with a full FM turbo kit. I just recently picked up an 08 GT PRHT that I intend to boost as well. I have never been very active on this forum. Mostly lurking and learning. I do consider myself mechanically inclined as I worked as an aircraft turbine mechanic for a few years. Tuning via maps and graphs however, is not something I know very much about.

As I’ve been researching the FI options for my newly acquired NC, I’ve quickly realized there aren’t many. As anyone reading this probably already knows, it’s either the Cosworth SC, or the BEGI turbo. And now very recently the turbo kit from TDR. Most of my research has been leading me toward the SC. Mostly because FM offers a version of it and I trust FM. Not to mention Cosworh (tuning issues aside). However, I am conscious of the thermal mechanical inefficiencies of a SC vs a turbo and I’ve always preferred turbo over SC. However, looking at the BEGI kit online, I just wasn’t convinced. TDR’s kit was still in BETA testing so I was still waiting to see what was to come.

Throughout my research, I kept comming across post where the tuning for FI in the NC seemed to be the major issue. There appeared to be some “safe tunes out there, but where they making power? FM claims 250ish hp out of their version of the Cosworth SC. But would I see that is hot & hummid SoFla? I doubt it. Referer to previous comment about the thermal ineficiencies of a SC vs a turbo.

Then I came accross some post by Jay from TDR and it seemed like he had a grasp of what was going on in the NC ECU, and why it was proving to be so dificult to get a good tune. Again, I dont know much about tuning, but his post and cmments made by other about his work, seemed positive.

Still, I was leading towards the SC from FM. I knew I would only see a modest power increase with the SC for the $5K I would be dishing out. But I was trusting it would at least be safe. Then I saw a used SC kit for sale just recently at a bargain price (relatively) that really made the argument to go SC vs turbo in my mind even stronger. All I would need is a good tune. So I contacted Jay, and this is what has lead me to this post.

Right off the bat, Jay told me what I already knew. Going with the SC is less efficeint option and would leave me wanting more. Do I think he was pushing his turbo kit? Yes. But he is trying to build a business and that’s to be expected. Besides, he didn’t tell me anything negative about the SC. Just what I already knew and what I would probably eventually feel if I went with it. As we are both in the same area, he immidiately offered to let me take his car for a spin so I can see for myself the fruits of his labor. I won’t lie, that kind of shocked me. I know he is trying to sell his kit, but to let a total stanger drive your test mule is either very careless, or very trusting in what he has produced. I meen it is a hot day and if I floor the thing and it starts pinging like crazy, how does he know I’ll let off? What it its surgess and lunges like mad? Would I be able to deal with that?

This brings me to the test drive. Admitedly, I don’t have any prior experiece with FI NC’s. And I’m not sure what others have experieced. All I can say is that it was FAST and it was smooth. Boost came on progesively, smooth and kept building all the way to redline. Which I did hit a few times as I wasn’t ready for how fast the thing would rev under boost. No drama, no pinging, no surging, no glitching. Just smoth, strong and fast. Jay claims 310 hp at the wheels. It was a HOT day and I don’t claim to have a particularly accurate but dynometer, but 300 hp doesn’t seem far fetched.

In conclusion, I’m convinced by his tuning majic and his kit seems to be of better quality and more simplicity than the BEGI kit which it’s based off of. I am putting my name on the list for one of TDR’s turbo kits.





 My happy supercharging experience

Recently, I installed a Cosworth supercharger on my 2006 miata, and I can’t be happier with the “new” car now. Adam (Blue Meany) did a great job installing the supercharger kit, and Jay (TDR) did a terrific job tuning the car. I think this is the BEST modification I ever did on my miata, and I just want share with you a little bit of my happy supercharging experience.

My Cosworth miata runs very strong now, with much more power than before. Other than the extra power, the car is just like a stock one, and it has been very reliable. I have no issues with engine knock, no problems with misfires, no backfires issues, no random CEL showing up and other troubles mentioned in some other related posts (or several recent reports and discussions of SC miata, see: sandor’s SC experienceS/C problems?, andCosworth owners thread). I am not afraid that the engine is going to explode, every time I drive it hard. And I still hand over the car key to my girlfriend when she wants to borrow it.

Before I start to tell you how great it was to work with Adam and Jay, I want to thank sander, Cyberbug, and Jim Boemler for their helpful discussions. I learned a lot from this wonderful miata community!

To be honest, I struggled with the supercharger idea for quite a while. The thing that worried me the most was the reliability of adding this kit. Cosworth did a great job designing the kit, and Mazda (or Ford) definitely made a strong enough engine. The real challenges for reliability seem to be the installation and tuning.

Adam did a really nice and clean job installing the Cosworth kit. I had full confidence in Adam’s experience, after following his Blue Meany blog for more than a year, and seeing his own personal notes appeared on the official installation instructions of Cosworth supercharger (remember seeing those notes from AD? Guess who is that). I did have one concern before calling Adam, though. I would like to watch him working on my car, and learn a bit more about the supercharger and the engine. To my delight, Adam agreed on that with no hesitation. For my convenience, he changed his schedule, so that we could finish most of the work in one weekend. I really appreciate that. The whole installation was done very smoothly and professionally. Adam knows this kit really well and he worked on my car likes it was his own. Very often, I interrupted his work and asked him silly car questions. I learned so much that weekend. More than once, he showed me his old engine parts or pictures for a better explanation. After a weekend, I left my car for Adam to finish up the wiring and tuning work, knowing I made a great choice.

Jay (TDR) did an awesome job tuning my car. I mentioned how great the car is running now. Adam also wrote a good post telling you his professional opinion as an installer (see: A new dawn in tuning…finally!). I just wanted to mention how great Jay’s customer service is. Since I don’t know anything about tuning, and we heard a lot of problems on supercharged mx-5 tunes, I had lots of questions and concerns. I checked my phone record, and Jay and I talked on the phone for more than 4 hours in 2 weeks! I am glad I was not charged by hours Jay is very good at explaining complicated things in a simple way, and he never got frustrated when I failed to understand.

In summary, I am very happy with my supercharged miata, and I would suggest it to anyone who wants a bit more power in his or her loved miata without hesitation.

Thanks for your attention.

06 True Red GT, 6MT
Cosworth supercharger, TDR tune, Koni yellow and MS springs, FM sways, OZ superleggera 17*7 with 215/45/17 Star Specs for now.

 NC FM Supercharger Installed!!!


The install went pretty well but I still needed a tune. I contacted Jay from TDR for my tune. His schedule was very busy this week and it was difficult for him to come by. He showed up at 10 pm on Wednesday after driving 2 hours to do my tune. That is service. He also brought me a set of new iridium plugs (jay pm me your address and I will order a replacement set for you). The tune took maybe 1.5 hours. He gave me a base map and tweaked it 2 twice. Each time we took the car for a run and it got better and better. AFR was pretty much spot on with no indication of KR as displayed by I believe his dashdaq.

The car runs amazing. Very smooth and power comes on at 3k when you step on it