414 HP MX5

DSC00228 B cpoppedPigtails “The Monster” Ready for Delivery!
414hp  430ft/lb torque

It has been such a fun project.
We set out with very specific goals; offer the average person the ability to own an MX5 with super-car performance and make it a turn-key operation.
Build details
  • Custom turbo Garret GT3071 spools at 1500RPM
  • Custom high performance MZR 2l engine.
  • 1000cc Injector Dynamic
  • Suspension Custom made for the MX5 Fatcat Elite
  • Custom dual exhaust.
  • management: ECU recalibration for 91 octane and E85


Congratulations to Ray and Lindsey who shipped their car “Pigtails” all the way from California to us here in Florida so that we could make it happen.



dyno done 2