Is Hot!

CAI are viewed as a way to improve or maintain performance under hot conditions; however the greatest performance thief is usually overlooked; Coolant Temperature.

Summer heat is though on our cars; specially when adding force induction as even a 10 degree in coolant temp will begin to cause KR.
The reason the car feels lethargic during hot days is of course the ECU Temp protection program where increases in coolant temperatures trigger significant cuts in performance at 194F and severe cuts at 212F Ideally therefore, coolant temp should remain below 194F.
We have extensively monitor and log coolant and oil temps and have averaged some numbers; here in SFL a tipical summer day will see actual road temperatures from 90 to 110F . Coolant temps are as follows

Hwy 75 MPH with AC on 190 to 196F (oil 220)
Regular city driving 194 to 200F (oil 230)
stop and go traffic 200 to 212F (oil 240+)
Idle 212F

Oil temps will always trail coolant temps, so if you can keep your coolant cool then you oil will stay cool.

Interestingly it is better to run your A/C during this hot days as doing so kicks the puller fan into high gear, and it can remove more heat than it generates.

An improved radiator as Goodwin offers, it is been reported to be very effective, however the cost is not cheap and changing the radiator in the NC is a big job, so first we tried adding a pushing fan and found some improvement as follows

Hwy 75 MPH with AC on 190 to 196F (oil 220) no change
Regular city driving 194 to 200F (oil 230) 184 to 190
stop and go traffic 200 to 212F (oil 240+)] 184 to 190
Idle 212F] 188 to 194
Here is what we did, total cost $110 at pepboys.






Fan controller
1. remove front bumper cover
2. find a place for your relay
3. make a little room between radiator fins to insert thermostatic prove





4. The wires are simple and self explanatory, however the fan instructions said that it was wire as a pusher fan from factory, but instead we had to reverse polarity (black fan cable to power, Yellow to ground)

one wire needs to be joined with the a/c clutch cable so when the a/c is on it will turn fan on.



5. We mounted the fan on the Power steering cooling tubes with zip ties easy and secured

We are please with the improvements, but ideally will like to run the car at 174 to 180, so a few more changes are on the way.. (Radiator Thermostat)
At this lower coolant temps the car is a hoot to drive, and we see no reason why this can not be the case even in summer.
will keep you post it.