Gain 10 to 30 HP in a flash!

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LOCAL SOUTH FLORIDA COSTUMERS:  Palm Beach to Homestead Pay $ 375  and we come to you!

To order just give us a call at 954 673 5721  and we will set up an appointment to meet with you. The process takes about 10 minutes and is fully reversible,  drive it for a couple of days, if you’re not totally loving your MX5 even more than before we will return your car to stock and give you a full refund. Reviews here 

How do we increase power?

We use the OBDII port in your car to re calibrate the car’s computer to safely deliver more power and more torque.

How does it affect driving?

Our calibration  will transform this nice mild roadster into a fire breathing super-caffeinated sports car.  You will enjoy a crisp throttle response, blistering acceleration and lean deep exhaust note.

Base line Dyno numbers on our completely stock MX5

HP 130.9
Torque 115.72



 Gains from our tune alone

HP 143.05 … (base 130.97)… 9.22% increase    13 hp gain

Torque 121.00 …(base 115.72)… a  4% increase 6 lb/ft  torque gain


The following dyno show our Max gains as of today   Total Gains  30 HP 18 Ft/Lb Torque


Gains from Full exhaust and Tune

HP 163.07…  30HP

Torque 140.12… 18 Torque


W2 - Copy

Hardware: Goodwin MAX coated header,Doubleresonated Midpipe,Race Muffler, Stock Intake. 93 octane pump gas


We Offer 2 tuning options

  1. Ecutek Remote tuning (includes Racerom$890 
  2. Bench in house tuning.  $ 375 For this tune you remove your ECU and mail it to us. Find instructions on how to remove your ECU here.

Note: The tunes are identical, it is the tool used for programming that is different. ECUTEK allows for a remote ECU re-calibration and adds Race-Rom features.+


Option 1: Ecutek tuning, includes RaceRom and ECUTEK cable $890

How does remote tuning works?

ecutek cable

We will send you a cable to plug into your OBDII diagnostic port. While you sit in your car,  you will watch us take over your laptop using the internet, and flash your car in just 4 minutes.

It is that easy.  There is nothing you have to learn, no manuals to read – we do it all!

We are able to serve our customers anywhere in the world.

As soon as we receive your e-mail,  we will send you an invoice (you can pay it with any credit card). Once your order has been placed, we will ship the cable to you.


Along with our calibration, you will also receive a copy of your original OEM file that you can flash back to anytime.

We no longer offer loaner cables sorry.


Option 2 Bench tuning    Cost $375

  • If you need a loaner ECU please call us at 954 673 5721. or e-mail us at:  Jay@TDR-MX5Tuning.com We will take a $350 refundable deposit for the loaner.
  • If you do not need a loaner just ship your ECU to us include a paper with the information bellow. When we are ready to ship the re-calibrated ECU back to you, we will contact you for payment and provide you with the tracking number.

ECU’s are usually turned around within 24 hours.

Ship your ECU to

Tuning Done Right

401 SE 5th ST.

Pompano Beach

FL 33060


Find instructions on how to remove your ECU here.



Please include the following information with your ECU

Car model year:


Engine 2.5L  2L or 1.8l

Miles or Kilometers

Modifications to drive train:


Phone Number

Shipping Address


Any questions fell free to call or text. 954 673 5721