Force 2 Review by Blink Motorsport England


Well, after what seems like ages bedding in the new clutch and fully mapping the car we managed to end the week by putting our MK3.5 Turbo NC on the dyno.


For those that haven’t been following our demonstrator thread in the ‘Members Rides’ section (http://www.mx5nutz.c…opic=188537&hl=), here is the full Specification of the engine/components installed on the car that are relevant:




Standard 2.0L MZR Engine (Turbo Kit can be fitted to a 2.5L Engine as well)

TDR Force 2 Turbo kit which includes the following:


Stainless V band connections throughout (there are no bolts or nuts to work loose with heat)

Garrett T28 Motorsport Turbo

Tial Stainless 0.86 Housing (http://www.tialsport…urbine-housings)

Tial MVS External Wastegate (http://www.tialsport…tegates/62-mvsx)

Tial Q or QR Blow Off Valve (http://www.tialsport…l-products/bovs)

Injector Dynamics 1000cc Fuel Injectors (http://injectordynam…jectors/id1000/)

3.5 inch MAF sensor Housing

Manual boost controller – boost is fully adjustable by the user from 6psi to 18psi

Stainless Down Pipe and Manifold

Lifetime warranty on Manifold **** ( Manifold will require inspection at 30K intervals – this involves the removal and crack testing of the item; just like a cambelt service! – cost is expected to be £150 + vat for this service)

Full ECU re-calibration – this is NOT just a re-map/flash but a full custom re-write of the Mazda control module allowing the variable boost without expensive re-maps for different stages of tune.

High Efficiency front mounted intercooler

Aeroquip fittings used throughout



This is the full Tuning Done Right kit from the USA that has been developed with Jay for the UK market; the feature we really think is a huge selling point over our competitors is the adjustable boost pressure – there is no requirement for expensive re-maps for different boost levels, the one tune does all of them!


Our engine is completely standard and there is currently a boost cut enabled at 14psi – the car will not run above this boost level. A fully forged enginecould release up to 18psi!






So, how did the car perform?


The below dyno plot shows the turbo car with the boost ‘wound fully off’ and running at wastegate pressure of 9psi (we can reduce this for customers by running a different external wastegate spring; the Tial External wastegate comes with several different springs in the kit)




Quite simply we were shocked by how good the dyno plot was!


The lines on the Dyno plot indicate:

(1) BLue = Power @ Hubs

(2) Green = Torque @ Hubs

(3) Orange = Boost Pressure.


It must be noted that these measurements are taken at the Hubs of the vehicle (will always be lower than a wheel figure on a roller dyno) and to convert them into a flywheel figure you would expect to see on a conservative roller dyno we multiply the Hub power figure by 1.3 & the torque figure by 1.18.


The estimated flywheel figures for this are:

292 BHP @ 6,000rpm

270 ft/lbs @ 4,000rpm


What was even better news was how the car produced these figures – spool was incredibly good with full boost from almost 3,500rpm and peak torque @ 4,000rpm with the torque curve showing a great spread across the rpm range  of the engine.


Remember – this is the car operating at it’s lowest level! Runing the boost at this level makes the car feel like a very powerful NA car and is ‘very sweet’ todrive.


Here is a dyno plot comparing the car to how it was as standard so the increase in performance can be seen, the standard car is the dotted line and produces a peak Hub HP figure of 120 HP:






Moving on………………


We turned the boost level up to the maximum the clutch would stand before it started to slip, and quite frankly, the results are extremely impressive!


Here is the Dyno Plot at circa 12psi:






That is a Hub HP figure of 258hp and a torque figure of 259 ft/lbs!!


This equates to flywheel figures of:

Power = 335 bhp @ 6,000rpm

Torque = 304 ft/lbs @ 4,500rpm


……….but just look at how flat that torque curve is between 3,500rpm & 5,000rpm  :thumb-up:


I have been using the car as a daily driver for the last 3 weeks and if I’m honest I find the car a bit ‘brutal’ at this level – I am not the most skilful driver in the world and I am frightened to use full throttle at 12psi of boost; yes the traction control helps etc but it is insanely quick and you certainly feel you a driving an extreme performance vehicle.


Richard, on the other hand keeps laughing at this level of power and states ‘we’ve still got another 6psi of boost to try – lets forge an engine; Graham also loves it (maybe they just want me as a quivering wreck every time I go into BLiNK?).


Again, here is the Dyno Plot at 12psi compared to the standard car:







The last Dyno Plot shows the 9psi run in comparison to the 12psi run:





We would like to take this oportunity to thank Jay @ Tuning Done Right for developing this UK Spec. kit with us and providing an absolutely fantastic turbo conversion using the highest quality parts available on the market and an outstanding ECU re-callibration; we think the results speak for themselves.


We can offer the various kits supplied by TDR and we are just in the final stages of pricing with Jay.