Another leap Forward in Tuning.. Game over!

We Are happy to announce that our unending research and development into the Tuning of the Force Induction MX5 has yielded a calibration that will self adjust to any boost level. No longer would you have to re-tune when you make changes, in fact the performance of boosted MX5’s running our latest Calibration with our 3 bar MAP sensor integration is so  consistent that the monitoring of your car is not longer necessary. Just like an OEM Car.

  • Current TuningDR customers just need to buy the sensor which includes  the plug and play harness and all the fittings needed for easy installation.  $ 220 (if you would like to get the new calibration alone, there is no charge)

More on our Boost Integration!

We have  integrated true boost data into the Mazda MX5 ECU allowing you to ditch the boost gauge,  prevent over boosting by setting alarms, or alerting if you are not making enough boost.
Additionally we are  the only tuning company  providing  accurate fuel injector latency tables for boost, thus making force induction tuning as smooth, consistent, and sophisticated as if your car came boosted from factory.

We will send you everything you need so you can ditch your boost gauge and read your boost and vacuum from your OBDII port with a Dashdaq or Dash Dyno. We  will also include a step by step video on how to set-up your Dashdaq  so there is nothing to figure out.

This feature requires a re-tune   to calibrate the MAP sensor and get the latency tables.

The hardware includes:

  • A 3 bar MAP sensor with all the attachments and ready for installation between brake booster hose and manifold.(Turbos) or silicone tubing (Superchargers)
  • A plug and play harness that plugs right onto the OEM harness.

Note for superchargers: we are making so much power that is possible that if you are using a small pulley and high octane gas you may need to upgrade your fuel pump, we will determine that during tuning.

Find a DIY fuel pump up-grade here.


Note on cables,  If you need a cable we will be happy to lend you one;  however if you have FI you should really own a cable so you can benefit from our updates, Cables cost is $390


accurate latency tables


Superchargers will receive the sensor with section of silicone tubing to plug right onto this nipple.

on CS SC smal 2

Or you  can replace their stock sensor with ours. This will require a small bracket to secure sensor such as the one depicted here. (not provided)

on CS SC smal

Turbocharge Clients will receive the sensor with a plug in “T” to place on the brake booster line

map on car

Any questions give us a call 954 673 5721