Why should we be your tuning choice?

The NC MX5 is perhaps the most desirable car to turbo/super charge; lightweight, solid, and fun. However properly tuning this car has proven to be a difficult and frustrating task. We have master the tuning of the force inducted MX5, our calibration goes beyond providing a “tune”. After spending over a year in the obsessive pursue of perfection in our own cars, we have discover how to retain the original dynamics of the stock ECU while safely doubling it’s power, but that’s just the beginning. Our costume calibration will:

  • Put an end to the excessive and annoying back fires.
  •  Will provide a seamless open loop transition free from lag. We achieve this by, progressively decreasing AFR’s from 14.7 to 14.3, 13.8, 13.5, 13.0, 12.5, 12.0, 11.5.
  •  You will be able to cruise knock free with stock timing and accelerate to higher loads without opening loop, therefore retaining maximum power
  • No longer will you need to open loop prematurely to prevent tip-in knock, therefore avoiding the dreaded and power robbing “AFR dip”
  • We will provide you with a lifetime assistance and support from our deep knowledge base on this fantastic cars
  • We will also will provide you with 1 free re-calibrations in case you move to a dramatic different altitude or decide to make changes in hardware such as exhaust or other

In fact we will have your car running better, safer, and with more power and fuel efficiency than any other service out there. We guarantee it.
You have spent a chunk of dough on your car, not having the best available tune for it would be just plain “Nuts.”
So if all you want is “a cheap tune” we are not for you, but if you want your car to drive like you dreamed it would, then you need your Tuning Done Right.

We support responsible driving and the observance of all traffic regulations.

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